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How often does the mask change 
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Medical standard protective masks have a period of use, and are for special use only, and cannot be used crossly. For professional medical staff, once the protective device is removed, it needs to be replaced if it re-enters the high-risk environment; when the mask is contaminated by the patient's blood, respiratory secretions or other body fluids, it should be replaced immediately; after the patient is highly suspected, it needs to be replaced. 

The recommended time limit for the use of KN95 masks for anti-virus infection is 4 hours, because after prolonged use, it will be wet by the breathing gas, resulting in a decline in anti-virus capabilities. In view of the infectivity of the virus during the epidemic, doctors recommend replacing it every 4 hours, but considering the actual situation of shortage of masks, if there is no particularly high exposure risk for healthy ordinary people, you can choose medical surgical masks or general Disposable masks. For healthy people who use KN95 masks, you can extend or repeat the limited use as appropriate.

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